Monday, October 11, 2010


Yup, time has come for every Swede's all time favorite complaint about the US. THE COFFEE IS ALL WRONG.

Just look at it. Pebbles. Like it hasn't been through a grinder yet. Coffee is supposed to be really fine. Like cacao powder. I haven't yet encountered cacao here though. That might be screwed up too, in which case the comparison wouldn't make any sense to Americans. How can I describe it instead? 

Coffee is supposed to be ground fine enough to be almost impossible to clean up. If you spill coffee powder and clean it up with a dish cloth, said cloth should not become encumbered by pebbles. It should simply turn black. 

I was prepared to overlook the weird texture, but the flavor... it tastes thin. I don't know any better way to describe it. I'd say it tastes weak, but that doesn't really hit the spot. It's watery. No matter how much coffee powder pebbles I use, it still is. Adding a huge amount of coffee isn't something I'd recommend, by the way. The coffee might be watery, but the caffeine content is still perfectly normal.

I have however succeeded in finding a coffee that's almost completely okay. It's 100 % Arabica, dark roast. And I don't remember the name of it.  


  1. It looks like old swedish coffee, "kokkaffe" (you boil the grains in the water for a while and then let the grains sink. Then you drink a fluid that taste quite good but is baad for your stomach as it is full of "garvsyra" = tannic acid which will give you ulcer!
    nice blog!

  2. There is plenty of good coffee to be had Maya! You just have to go to the right places. I am not sure where in Florida you are, but try Whole Foods, Fresh Market or Publix Greenwise.

  3. lotte, interesting, this is just normal coffee though.

    Girl in Stockholm, I *think* I got this from Publix and it definitely was green.. it's not bad, it's just different from what I'm used to.