Friday, October 15, 2010

My #1 favorite thing about the U.S.A.

Guess what's the very best thing about this country? It is not the wonderful randomness of the Dollar General store (catering to all of your dry eraser board and harvest decoration needs, for one dollar per item), nor is it the possibility of bagging your leftovers at restaurants and bringing them home. It isn't the good service you get pretty much everywhere, either. Or even the endless stream of fairly amusing television.

We had dinner at T.G.I. Friday's the other night, and I had a cocktail. A really nice one. It was a strawberry daiquiri, served frozen in a big glass. So what, you ask? So it cost me five bucks. With the current low value of the dollar, that equals round about 33.42 SEK.

Still wondering what the big deal is? Well, in Sweden a cocktail tends to run you at least 95 SEK, aka $14.21. If I ever had a cocktail out and about back home (and as we all know, one tends to lead to more) my hangover the next morning would be nothing compared to that of my VISA card.

A bottle of Captain Morgan's rum in Sweden - 239 SEK, or 36.57 USD. Here I can get the same bottle for... wait for it..... *drumroll* ..... $15. That's less than half the price.

A bottle of Beefeater gin in Sweden will cost you 249 kronor - 38.10 dollars. Here? 20 bucks. Of course, you can opt to get a bottle of crappy gin for $10 or less. But I'm not (yet) tacky enough to get liquor that comes in a plastic bottle.

America – where the booze is cheap and the rules on it are strict.

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