Sunday, October 10, 2010


Or should I say, not recycling. Because that's what everybody seems to be doing here. In the parking lot of our apartment complex, there are two big bins. And you're supposed to put everything in there. Metal, clear glass, colored glass, hard and soft plastic, cardboard, paper.

To my politically correct, uptight Swedish mind, this concept is 1) hard to grasp and 2) shite. I doubt there's a single street in Sweden that doesn't have a little recycling area, or maybe I've just happened to live in particularly self righteous neighborhoods. Anyway – in my life there's always been a place to separate all your trash. One bin for your colored and one for your clear glass; one for your hard and one for your soft plastic; one for cardboard, one for metal and one for paper.

I'm trying to imagine how incredibly inconvenient this would sound to someone who's never had to do it. It must seem like the worst nuisance ever. But really, it's not that bad. At least not when you've done it for as long as you can remember. It's just a matter of having more than one trash can in your house.

I feel so bad - and not in the good way - throwing everything into the same bin. I'm not THAT into the whole green thing - I like to recycle and buy green products, but I'll go on plane rides, I love our car and I'm craving a motorbike, big time. But not recycling? It's like when you catch yourself pressing the toothpaste can against your armpit. Putting your cell into the freezer. Pouring yogurt into your coffee. It's just off. Wrong. Does not compute.

Luckily, the edge of my shameful earth abuser misery was recently taken off by the discovery of recycling facilities at Publix. They consist of three tiny bins. Glass and plastic bottles go into the same one. WTF! Do Americans have a way of making plastic out of glass? Or vice versa? Perhaps it's all for show – perhaps, at the end of the day, these bins just get emptied into the huge anything goes motherf*cker  anyway. Or is that a conspiracy theory?


  1. We just light everything on fire then scrap up anything that survives at the bottom.

  2. And breath in the nice toxic smoke while doing that....
    I'm also swede,sorry ;)