Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cold fronts and Gizmo the Cat

Florida is weird. Apparently, it won't get cold and stay cold. Instead, cold fronts will appear from time to time, make it cold for a few days or so, and then go right back to 80 degrees. Fine by me, as long as the heat does come back.

This weekend however, there IS a cold front. The air is cool and crisp, as opposed to making you wonder if you accidentally walked into the shower instead of out the front door.

When I say cold, though, it's not exactly COLD. I'd say it feels like late August in Sweden. You don't need long sleeves in the middle of the day. It's 72 degrees, or 22 if you like it metric. Morning and night are way chillier. I'm really hoping it's true that the heat's going to return. Swedish I might be, but a Viking I ain't. I couldn't stand the cold, so I got out of the freezer Sweden :)

We were going to do a roadtrip to the Keys this weekend, but of course there just had to be a hurricane, so in Tampa we stayed. It turned out to be the perfect weekend, with drinks and laughs in great company, sweet potatoes with honey butter and cinnamon, horseback riding and best of all, my future mother in law gave us Gizmo the Persian cat! At the moment he seems quite disconcerted, hiding behind the TV, but he'll come round.

Sorry, did I say Gizmo the cat? Scratch that, I meant to say owl. Anyway, he's awesome, and he just came out from his TV corner. :)

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