Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harry Potter and Thanksgiving 2010

So we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1, one of these weekends (that all seem to melt together into one big ball of sunshine). It was interesting, not so much because of the movie but because of the amazing audience. One third geeks, one third children and one third stoners? Anyway, the first sign of us being in for a fun night was when everyone broke out into applause after a ridiculous trailer. Not just any applause, mind you, but ironic applause. After that, all was lost. Movie actually started = clap clap clap. A decent joke = clap clap clap clap... CLAP. Harry half naked - huge cat whistle wave through the whole theater.

America, fuck yeah! (Corey: "did you know that whenever Americans think of America they automatically add 'fuck yeah' after?")

The other thing that happened recently was Thanksgiving. I obviously knew it was a big deal (I've watched TV), but I didn't expect it to be... like Christmas. Well, anyway, it was fun. I came, I saw, I ate. Except I had a hangover very nearly the whole day, so my eating was pretty pathetic for Thanksgiving. I didn't mean to be hungover, but Corey wanted to try Four Lokos the night before, so we did. I didn't expect to get drunk from one can. Usually I can drink quite a bit before I even get tipsy. Four lokos might get banned. I wouldn't grieve.

Anyhow, I loved the corn casserole, the turkey, the cranberries and the stuffing. Most everything was good, actually. We had pies from Village Inn - French Silk, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie. I loved the apple one, the others were a bit much. We got a huge tray of leftovers to take home. We are such gluttons that we finished it last night already.

We also taught Corey's mom to play poker. She won. I failed at Guitar Hero. Me and Corey's mom watched half of SATC 2 while her boyfriend and Corey played a Star Wars game on the PS3. In the same room. Which meant we all kept raising the volume to hear SATC over Star Wars and vice versa.

One last thing: before dinner Corey's mom was called upon to say grace. She rushed through something generic, then said "let next year be good and please bring us lots of money." Amen to that!

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  1. Det låter verkligen som jul i Sverige!
    Ska bli spännande att höra hur julen firas!