Hi, my name is Maya and I'm culturally challenged. Born and raised in Sweden, half Italian – I sometimes feel like I was brought up by RAI and Lucio Battisti – spent a year in Japan and now moved across the Atlantic Ocean to be with my American fiancé.

We met in Japan, and after more than a year apart, we're finally together again. I came here on a fiancée visa, and to be allowed to stay we must get married within three months, and be able to prove that we have sufficient funds; that I won't need welfare. Yet I'm not allowed to work for a living.

Florida, where I am, is lovely. Beaches, palm trees everywhere, 30+ degrees Celsius... I love it. Cheap liquor, a mall right across the street, and did I mention that even though we're well into October it's still hotter than at the height of Swedish summer? Enjoying all this and more as though I am, not working or studying or doing anything at all gets old pretty fast. So like any good Swede, I decided to blog about it (according to my fiancé, blogging is inherently Swedish). Drinking and shopping in all glory, but I wanted to fill my days with something a tad more productive (aka I can't afford more drinking and shopping).


  1. Where are you in Florida? I am from Tampa....

  2. I'm actually in Tampa. :) What's good to do here?